Touched by Life – Mark 10:13~27

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Jesus brings eternal life.  In today’s Scripture, Mark uses two experiences to illustrate three great truths about eternal life…

1. Every human being is infinitely VALUABLE 
… even the weakest of the weak
(Mk 10:13~16)
2. Every human being is deeply FLAWED 
…even the best of the best
(Mk 10:17~27)
+ flawed but not totally – some things the ruler understood
     – eternal life is WORTH SEEKING 
     – eternal life can only be INHERITED 
     – eternal life is found in relationship with JESUS CHRIST 
+ flawed deeply – some things the ruler did not understand
     – Jesus Christ is more than a TEACHER 
     – good PERFORMANCE does not bring eternal life

     – EARTHLY WEALTH is not a guarantee of eternal life

3. Every human being is eternally LOVED 
… all we need to do is follow Jesus
(Mk 10:13~27)
My Response:

What deep need of your life would you like touched by Christ today?