The Servant Who Leads – Matthew 20:20~34

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Christ redefined and modeled greatness and therefore, leadership. He was a servant who led, and leader who served. Not surprisingly his disciples had a very difficult time understanding this concept.

Two kinds of blindness

   1. Spiritual blindness (Mt 20:26)
   2. Physical blindness (Mt 20:27)
Christ redefined greatness as Servanthood (Mt 20:26)
Christ redefined leadership as Service (Mt 20:27)
Christ redefined ministry as Sacrifice (Mt 20:28)

Balancing the tensions of a servant leader (from John Ortbert) 

– Be decisive and submissive
– Have a tough-minded accountability and a tenderhearted compassion
– Be utterly resourceful and utterly dependant upon God
– Have a sense of urgency and a relaxed attitude
– Practice solitude and community 
Christ modeled the leader who serves
     1. Christ stopped (Mt 20:32)
     2. Christ listened (Mt 20:32~33)
     3. Christ touched (Mt 20:34)


My responce… a quarter at a time.