Rise – Ezekiel 37:1-14

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In this story GOD had something profound to show to Ezekiel, one of His prophets.  What he saw was appalling and sad.  What GOD asked him to do was unusual.  What happened was downright remarkable!  At the end of the story GOD reveals to Ezekiel that what he saw represented GOD’s people who were currently living, yet not ALIVE.  I believe there are countless masses of people today, GOD’s people, who are in waste places, who feel hopeless, who think they are finished or disqualified.  But GOD wants to speak something to them and raise them up!
Lessons from the Valley:
Listen!  GOD will not stay silent forever.
Listen!  GOD knows you by name!
Listen!  GOD has an assignment for you.
Look!    GOD is not finished with you.
Look!    GOD will not waste the waste places,
Which of these lessons means the most to you right now?
Did someone come to mind as you were listening?
Further Application:
Sin to Confess?
Promise to Claim?
Attitude to Change?
Command to Obey?
Example to Follow?
Prayer to Pray?
Error to Avoid?
Truth to Believe?
Something to Thank GOD for?
Scriptures that came to mind?