Out of the Boat – Matthew 14:22~33

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Peter’s “out of the boat” experience has often baffled and perhaps amused us.  What eternal truth is God trying to communicate in this account?  We can discover it.  Let’s notice where Peter was and answer two questions. He was…
– On an exhilarating pilgramage with the Lord.
– In a cosmic spiritual battle on every side.
– On a laborious task directed by the Lord. 
(Mark 6:48)
1. Why did Jesus ask Peter to come? 
– Was it to call his bluff? 
– Was it to face Peter with his own human limitations? 
– Was it to illustrate Peter’s impetuousness? 
– Or, was Christ giving Peter opportunity to experiment a faith that demonstrates God’s power?
2. Why was Peter safe to experiment with daring faith? 
– Emerged during a long tedious obedience in the same direction.
– Moved him toward Christ
– Occurred after he had learned to reach toward Christ in a crisis
– Experienced with faithful friends
To what “out of the boat” opportunity is Jesus calling you?