Deep Soul Therapy – Matthew 17:1~13

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Christ’s disciples struggled to understand His person and mission.  How hard it was for them to comprehend.  Here He expands their understanding and commitment through…

1. The Vision of Christ’s Glory (Mt 17:1~6)
   + The Exaltation of Christ 
   + The Transformation of the disciples 
2. The touch of Christ’s Sacrifice (Mt 17:9~13) 
   + Previewed in Jewish life (Ex 22:8)
   “God Himself will provide the Lamb” 
    + Promised by the prophets (Is 19:20)
    “He will send them a Savior, a Defender, and will rescue”
   + Pronounced by Christ (Mt 26:28)
    “This is the blood of the new covenant” 
   + Presented by the church (Rom 3:25)
    “Sacrifice of atonement through faith in his blood” 
Lord, give me a vision of Your glory and touch me with the power of Your sacrifice.  Especially, I need You in this area of my life: