November 2016

Getting through The Tough Stuff of Life – Inadequacy

Pastor Tim gives a message about – Inadequacy – something that everyone will experience. Inadequacy is a personal struggle born of one’s own self judgement – when you compare yourself to others. The reality is that all of us are inadequate – and yet adequate for God’s purposes – each of us being fearfully and […]

Getting through The Tough Stuff of Life – Temptation

Pastor Tim McKeever gives a message about something we all face – temptation. Pastor Tim tells us how to stand up against it – by recognizing it, being accountable and not facing it alone, and knowing the scriptures.  God’s word promises us that we will always be provided a way out of sin.  Our task […]

October 2016

Getting through The Tough Stuff of Life – Divorce

Jesus can help us get through the Tough Stuff of Life… even when the situation seems impossible.  Pastor Tim McKeever gives a message on the realities divorce – the destruction it causes, and why God hates it.  So many have been exposed to divorce, either directly or indirectly.  Sadly this topic is too well known […]

September 2016

Go in Service

Kathy Stonefoot gives her testimony about her relationship with Jesus on her Healing Journey and how it blossomed when she came to understand that her focus should be developing a genuine – unconditional – love for Jesus. Pastor Tim supports her testimony with a message about what the Bible says about – GOING – and […]

June 2016

An honest conversation about the state of the Church

In a no-holding-back message, Pastor Tim brings a powerful word from the Lord about how we are at a critical point as a church, and the decisions we make today will determine our tomorrow.     DUE TO AN AV ISSUE, the message was only recorded on Tim’s personal FB page, which you can watch […]

February 2016

Peace in an Anxious World.

Pastor Tim opens up and challenges us to take a look at the gentleness of our character, our response to the chaos and anxiety of this world, and what it means to have perfect peace.

Attitudes of our Hearts

Pastor Tim brings us into Chapter 3 of the book of Philippians in our “Choose Joy” series, sharing some strong insight from quite possibly one of the most religious men ever.

December 2015

The Healing Journey

Spend Less, Give More

October 2015

The Whole Gospel