October 2016

Getting through The Tough Stuff of Life – Death

Pastor Jon gives us a comforting message about death. Many people are fascinated with death – likely because of their fear of it.  While it is true that most all of us will certainly face death, Christians know that there is nothing to fear in death. Death is not the end, but instead – the […]

Getting through The Tough Stuff of Life – Doubt

Pastor Jon Horton gives us a message about doubt. Doubt is something that we all experience from time to time, and while doubt can protect us from harm in some instances – doubting Christ’s love is something we would be best to work to overcome. We need to be honest about our doubts and have […]

Getting through The Tough Stuff of Life – Shame

Pastor Jon Horton gives us a message about shame.  Many people associate shame with guilt, and while this could be accurate – shame is different in that a person can feel shame… even though they’ve done nothing wrong.  Guilt makes you feel bad about what you’ve done.  Shame is worse – because it makes you […]

September 2016

Know God

Pastor Jon Horton gives a message about relationships and the different stages that they go through – progressing eventually to a mutual commitment and then the intimate bonding that occurs long afterwards.  God loves us…  all of us.  And He desires to have a relationship with each of us.  Pastor Jon describes what this relationship looks […]

A Fresh Start

Pastor Jon Horton gives us a message about starting over, and how God is available to us – to help and bless our efforts and obedience – when we approach Him with a sincerely desire to do better.

July 2016

Overcoming Opposition

Pastor Jon Horton gives a message about the opposition that Nehemiah faces as he begins the task of restoring the walls to the city Jerusalem.  When we plan for this opposition – we are better prepared to overcome it.

A burden shared

Each one of us has a responsibility to set up and be an active part of making the local church, the hope of the world, relevant and impactful in our community.  Rebuilding the wall under Nehemiah’s direction was a project everyone had to help out with, and you are needed to help rebuild the community […]

It begins on our knees

It begins on our knees. Nehemiah knew that He needed God’s divine intervention, and he went to Him for the help he would need to convince the king to let him return to the land of his forefathers. Listen in, as Pastor Jon teaches a lesson from the construction site. 

If not us, who? If not now, when?

Pastor Jon begins a new sermon series, focused on the book of Nehemiah. This message, entitled “If not us, who? If not now, when?”, helps us to understand how Nehemiah’s heart for the broken wall of the Promise Land relates to us today. Listen in…

June 2016

What It Means To Be A Man

Pastor Jon wraps up the Family Portrait sermon series with a look at what it means to be a real man of God. Take a listen…   Closing Worship Song: How Can It Be.  CCLI, All Rights Reserved.