December 2017

Seeking the King: Herod and the Wise Men

Pastor Chris Landon tells the story of the Magi – wise men from the east who seen Jesus’ star in the sky and determined it’s meaning and traveled west from Persia to find and worship the King of the Jews.  To King Herod –  is obviously disturbed by this news… his authority – it would […]

September 2016

Grow in Faith

Pastor Chris Landon gives a message about growing in faith – which starts by having a close relationship with Jesus Christ.   Sin draws us away from a relationship with God, and since all of us have sinned; we need Jesus and His sacrifice for us as a way to restore this relationship that was […]

August 2016

We Help Each Other

Pastor Chris Landon preaches about how Nehemiah deals with the injustices that were going on in Jerusalem.  Chris explains how we – as the body of Christ – should not only pray, but also take action and participate in the healing of those who suffer injustices.

December 2015

Love All

June 2015

A God Who Keeps His Promises

August 2012

Ecclesiastes 7&8