March 2018

How to Be Religious and Miss God – Luke 13:10~17, Luke 14:1~11

The hunger for God is universal – – but it often detours into religiosity.  That was true for the Pharisees in Jesus time.  It can also be true today.   We can be very religious but miss God if we…   1. Value processes over people. (Luke 13:10~14) 2. Value possessions over people. (Luke 13:15~17) 3. Value position […]

Out of the Boat – Matthew 14:22~33

Peter’s “out of the boat” experience has often baffled and perhaps amused us.  What eternal truth is God trying to communicate in this account?  We can discover it.  Let’s notice where Peter was and answer two questions. He was…   – On an exhilarating pilgramage with the Lord. – In a cosmic spiritual battle on every side. […]

February 2018

Healing For You – Mark 7:31~37

Mark alone records this fascinating healing of a man with a speech impediment who also could not hear.  How fortunate Mark did not leave it out!  Here we see illustrated four great principles of healing – healing for you.   1. Healing always demands that God Go out of His way.  (Mark 7:31)   2. Healing […]

Touched by Life – Mark 10:13~27

Jesus brings eternal life.  In today’s Scripture, Mark uses two experiences to illustrate three great truths about eternal life… 1. Every human being is infinitely VALUABLE  … even the weakest of the weak (Mk 10:13~16)   2. Every human being is deeply FLAWED  …even the best of the best (Mk 10:17~27)   + flawed but not totally […]

The Servant Who Leads – Matthew 20:20~34

Christ redefined and modeled greatness and therefore, leadership. He was a servant who led, and leader who served. Not surprisingly his disciples had a very difficult time understanding this concept. Two kinds of blindness    1. Spiritual blindness (Mt 20:26)    2. Physical blindness (Mt 20:27)   Christ redefined greatness as Servanthood (Mt 20:26) Christ redefined leadership as Service (Mt […]

January 2018

Deep Soul Therapy – Matthew 17:1~13

Christ’s disciples struggled to understand His person and mission.  How hard it was for them to comprehend.  Here He expands their understanding and commitment through… 1. The Vision of Christ’s Glory (Mt 17:1~6)    + The Exaltation of Christ     + The Transformation of the disciples    2. The touch of Christ’s Sacrifice (Mt 17:9~13)     + Previewed in Jewish life (Ex […]

The Gift of Faith – Matthew 9:18~31 (NIV)

How do we receive The Gift of Faith that opens the door to God’s miracles?  Those who were healed experienced…    1. Desperate NEED in spite of inadequate MOTIVES. (Matthew 9:18~19, 23~26 – the Ruler) 2. Determined RISK in spite of inadequate FAITH. (Matthew 9:20~22 – The Woman) 3. Humble DEPENDENCE in spite of inadequate CONCEPT OF JESUS. (Matthew 9:27~31 – The Blind […]

The Jesus I Never Knew – Matthew 7:28 ~ 8:13 (NIV)

Pastor Art Brown begins a new sermon series based on the New Testament accounts where we see Jesus touching a person – their lives were never again the same.  How can we know Jesus so well that we experience His healing touch?  How can we share this touch with other?     – Reflect on His words […]

Living As Jesus Lived – Matthew 9:35~38