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March 2016

We Really Do Need Each Other

Is it important that I go to church? What about spending time with other believers? Dive into Pastor Jon’s message about the importance of being, and worshiping, together.

February 2016

Peace in an Anxious World.


Pastor Tim opens up and challenges us to take a look at the gentleness of our character, our response to the chaos and anxiety of this world, and what it means to have perfect peace.

Philippians 4:8-9

Pastor Keith McEntire is our guest speaker, delivering a powerful message as he continues our series on Philippians.

Philippians 3 Continued

Join Pastor Jon as he continues our study of Philippians 3 with this relevant message about Jesus.

Attitudes of our Hearts

Pastor Tim brings us into Chapter 3 of the book of Philippians in our “Choose Joy” series, sharing some strong insight from quite possibly one of the most religious men ever.

January 2016

Shine Like Stars

Being Like Minded


A Fresh Perspective

What Brings Us Together?

Pastor Jon’s Story


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