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July 2016

If not us, who? If not now, when?

Pastor Jon begins a new sermon series, focused on the book of Nehemiah. This message, entitled “If not us, who? If not now, when?”, helps us to understand how Nehemiah’s heart for the broken wall of the Promise Land relates to us today. Listen in…

An Encounter At GFMC Changed Everything

Middle School Principal Dave Smith shares hie story alongside Pastor Tim on how an encounter at GFMC changed everything for him. To God be the glory!

June 2016

An honest conversation about the state of the Church

In a no-holding-back message, Pastor Tim brings a powerful word from the Lord about how we are at a critical point as a church, and the decisions we make today will determine our tomorrow.  
DUE TO AN AV ISSUE, the message was only recorded on Tim’s personal FB page, which you can watch here: https://www.facebook.com/timmckeeverdj/videos/vb.1083379459/10207952104855490/?type=2&theater  No recorded audio is available. CLICK THE VIDEO LINK!

What It Means To Be A Man

Pastor Jon wraps up the Family Portrait sermon series with a look at what it means to be a real man of God. Take a listen…
Closing Worship Song: How Can It Be.  CCLI, All Rights Reserved.

April 2016

The Resurrection to Come

What will the final restoration look like? How does God’s Word speak to us about what His plan is for reclaiming what is His? Listen in…

Life after Life after Life

Using the New Testament passages, we address the question, “What happens to us when we die?”. We can find hope in the face of death.

The Restoration Begins

Building on our Easter message, we discover that the resurrection of Jesus marks the beginning of a restoration process. It begins with us, but is so much bigger than us.

March 2016

Easter Sunday

The day of celebration has come. Listen in as Pastor Jon brings a message to the over 500 that came to celebrate at GFMC this weekend.

Seven at the Cross

The story of Easter, perhaps told in a way you’ve never heard before. Hear the experience, first-hand, from seven who were there the day Christ died on a cross, written by Pastor Jon Horton and narrated by Pastor Tim McKeever.

How Trust Grows

Wrapping up the series Choose Joy, Pastor Jon brings the hope that is found in Jesus, and how our trust grows though Him.


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