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November 2017

Bringing Thanks to the Table

Kathy Petteys shares a message about Thanksgiving – and that the table is not just a place to eat… it’s a place to meet. All of us are invited to come to Jesus’ table to meet with Him and celebrate all that He has done for us; filling us with His Spirit and transforming us into His likeness. Changing our hearts and lives… for His glory.

Turning our Grouses into Graces

Pastor Marsha shares a message about the little things in life that wear on us, steal our joy, and ruin the fullness of life that Jesus has promised us. And while scripture assures us of the troubles and trials that we will experience in this broken world, we should try to count our blessings, draw closer to God, and experience His presence, power, and spirit of peace and hope, knowing that… “all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28)

October 2017

What is God Saying to Me Today?

Guest Pastor Keith McEntire gives a great message of hope and encouragement… each and every one of us was created by God and with a purpose.

His honest and sincere approach to presenting the message includes applicable personal testamony that leads ultimately to wonderful discovery… we are not just accidents in time, but intentional creations of the Living God.

November 2016

Getting through The Tough Stuff of Life – Inadequacy

Pastor Tim gives a message about – Inadequacy – something that everyone will experience. Inadequacy is a personal struggle born of one’s own self judgement – when you compare yourself to others.

The reality is that all of us are inadequate – and yet adequate for God’s purposes – each of us being fearfully and wonderfully made… by God.

Getting through The Tough Stuff of Life – Confrontation

Pastors Tim McKeever & Jon Horton introduce David Smith and his first ‘official’ sermon – Getting through The Tough Stuff of Confrontation.  

David’s administrative position within Gowanda’s educational system has afforded him the opportunity to not
only encounter, but successfully manage confrontation. It seems that confrontation has surrounded him continually – even death itself as a newborn child…

David gives a message on confrontation and why we can find ourselves very wise as we learn to trust and depend on God to guide us through these situations that all of us will undoubtedly face from time to time.

Getting through The Tough Stuff of Life – Temptation

Pastor Tim McKeever gives a message about something we all face – temptation. Pastor Tim tells us how to stand up against it – by recognizing it, being accountable and not facing it alone, and knowing the scriptures.  God’s word promises us that we will always be provided a way out of sin.  Our task is to humbly choose God’s way vs. pridefully – our own way.

October 2016

Getting through The Tough Stuff of Life – Death

Pastor Jon gives us a comforting message about death. Many people are fascinated with death – likely because of their fear of it.  While it is true that most all of us will certainly face death, Christians know that there is nothing to fear in
death. Death is not the end, but instead – the beginning. The beginning of an eternity… in the presence of God.

Getting through The Tough Stuff of Life – Doubt

Pastor Jon Horton gives us a message about doubt. Doubt is something that we all experience from time to time, and while doubt can protect us from harm in some instances – doubting Christ’s love is something we would be best to work to overcome.

We need to be honest about our doubts and have the faith and courage to ask Jesus to help us to conquer any doubts that we have about Him. Simply put, you cannot fully trust someone that you do not know. By developing a relationship with Jesus – we are transformed, knowing that He loves us and we can trust Him in all things.

Getting through The Tough Stuff of Life – Shame

Pastor Jon Horton gives us a message about shame.  Many people associate shame with guilt, and while this could be accurate – shame is different in that a person can feel shame… even though they’ve done nothing wrong.  Guilt makes you feel bad about what you’ve done.  Shame is worse – because it makes you feel bad about ‘who you are’.

Getting through The Tough Stuff of Life – Divorce

Jesus can help us get through the Tough Stuff of Life… even when the situation seems impossible.  Pastor Tim McKeever gives a message on the realities divorce – the destruction it causes, and why God hates it.  So many have been exposed to divorce, either directly or indirectly.  Sadly this topic is too well known by both believers and not.  We all need to help each other, and know that there is always hope for healing and restoration through Jesus Christ. 


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