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February 2018

Touched by Life – Mark 10:13~27

Jesus brings eternal life.  In today’s Scripture, Mark uses two experiences to illustrate three great truths about eternal life…

1. Every human being is infinitely VALUABLE 
… even the weakest of the weak
(Mk 10:13~16)
2. Every human being is deeply FLAWED 

The Servant Who Leads – Matthew 20:20~34

Christ redefined and modeled greatness and therefore, leadership. He was a servant who led, and leader who served. Not surprisingly his disciples had a very difficult time understanding this concept.

Two kinds of blindness

   1. Spiritual blindness (Mt 20:26)
   2. Physical

January 2018

Deep Soul Therapy – Matthew 17:1~13

Christ’s disciples struggled to understand His person and mission.  How hard it was for them to comprehend.  Here He expands their understanding and commitment through…

1. The Vision of Christ’s Glory (Mt 17:1~6)
   + The Exaltation of Christ 
   + The

The Gift of Faith – Matthew 9:18~31 (NIV)

How do we receive The Gift of Faith that opens the door to God’s miracles?  Those who were healed experienced… 

1. Desperate NEED in spite of inadequate MOTIVES.
(Matthew 9:18~19, 23~26 – the Ruler)

2. Determined RISK in spite of inadequate FAITH.
(Matthew 9:20~22 – The Woman)

The Jesus I Never Knew – Matthew 7:28 ~ 8:13 (NIV)

Pastor Art Brown begins a new sermon series based on the New Testament accounts where we see Jesus touching a person – their lives were never again the same.  How can we know Jesus so well that we experience His healing touch?  How can we share this touch with other?  
– Reflect on His words and actions 
– Reflect on His power to l

Living As Jesus Lived – Matthew 9:35~38

December 2017

The Angels Rejoice – Luke 2:8~15

Jonathan Moran is a Clinical Pastor from Kenmore Mercy Hospital and shares with us a message about rejoicing during the Advent Season.

Seeking the King: Herod and the Wise Men

Pastor Chris Landon tells the story of the Magi – wise men from the east who seen Jesus’ star in the sky and determined it’s meaning and traveled west from Persia to find and worship the King of the Jews.  To King Herod –  is obviously disturbed by this news… his authority – it would appear – is at it’s end… assuming that this new born King would rule as other ‘earthly’ kings.  But Jesus is not an earthly king – He is the King of Kings.  Chris’ message shows us that advent is a time of expectation – as we patiently wait for our cherished Savior and King to return.

What Would Jesus Wear?

Reverend Keith McEntire shares a message about the incarnation of our Savior – His sacrifice and demonstration of His love for us as He entered the world as an unprivileged servant.  Humbling Himself for our sake, He offered Himself as a way – the only way – to restore the relationship between God and man.  All praise and glory be to our loving Lord.

November 2017

The Heritage of Thanksgiving

Reverend Keith McEntire gives a great message about Thanksgiving.  Meticulous and well presented, we are treated to a timeless message that includes historical information about our nations tradition – all the while highlighting God’s obvious works in the details.  We are very blessed and have so much to be thankful for and here we can be thankful for the blessing of the gift of his time.


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