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July 2018

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The Sovereign Lord

America’s Favorite Bible Verse

June 2018

“The Henry Smith Syndrome” – Ephesians 3:8

Pastor Keith McEntire gives us a message about God’s provioning – wherein we should realize that God empowers us for His glory only. Often we may question our abilities feeling that we are ill equiped for tasks at hand because our perspective lacks consideration of where our resources actually flow from – God. It is well to remember that we have been empowered with a spirit of strength and courage, perfectly forged for God’s perfect purpose.

“As a father carries his son” – Det 1:30~31 & Gal 4:4~7

Pastor Keith McEntire shares with us a message about our perception of God the Father . This Father’s Day message enlightens us to the fact that we have a good good Father, and we should find hope and encouragement in His promises to us wherever we find ourselves – on the mountain tops or even in the valleys – He is always with us.

“The Fusion” – Ephesians 2:11 ~ 13

Pastor Keith McEntire gives a message about stigmas.  Stigmas by definition are usually considered marks of shame.  But the negative context of the word is all that there is to this word.  A stigma – devoid of any context – describes an obvious ‘mark’ or ‘identifier’.  Jesus’ sacrifice freed us from all of the things in our lives and pasts that otherwise might a burden of shame.  In Christ, our status in life is changed – we are children of the Living God.

March 2018

How to Be Religious and Miss God – Luke 13:10~17, Luke 14:1~11

The hunger for God is universal – – but it often detours into religiosity.  That was true for the Pharisees in Jesus time.  It can also be true today.
We can be very religious but miss God if we…
1. Value processes over people.
(Luke 13:10~14)
2. Value possessions o

Out of the Boat – Matthew 14:22~33

Peter’s “out of the boat” experience has often baffled and perhaps amused us.  What eternal truth is God trying to communicate in this account?  We can discover it.  Let’s notice where Peter was and answer two questions. He was…
– On an exhilarating pilgramage with the Lord.
– In a cosmic spiritual battle

Rise – Ezekiel 37:1-14

In this story GOD had something profound to show to Ezekiel, one of His prophets.  What he saw was appalling and sad.  What GOD asked him to do was unusual.  What happened was downright remarkable!  At the end of the story GOD reveals to Ezekiel that what he saw represented GOD’s people who were currently living, yet not ALIVE.  I believe there are countless masses of people today, GOD’s people,

February 2018

Healing For You – Mark 7:31~37

Mark alone records this fascinating healing of a man with a speech impediment who also could not hear.  How fortunate Mark did not leave it out!  Here we see illustrated four great principles of healing – healing for you.
1. Healing always demands that God Go out of His way.  (Mark 7:31)
2. Healing always involves other 


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