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September 2018

Going Forward – Together

Going Forward with Due Diligence

Helping People Find Jesus – Mark 2:1~11

Going Forward with God’s Vision

August 2018



Becoming “Contagious Christians”


July 2018

Nothing Wasted

Who do you know?


April 2016

The Resurrection to Come

What will the final restoration look like? How does God’s Word speak to us about what His plan is for reclaiming what is His? Listen in…

Life after Life after Life

Using the New Testament passages, we address the question, “What happens to us when we die?”. We can find hope in the face of death.

The Restoration Begins

Building on our Easter message, we discover that the resurrection of Jesus marks the beginning of a restoration process. It begins with us, but is so much bigger than us.

March 2016

Easter Sunday

The day of celebration has come. Listen in as Pastor Jon brings a message to the over 500 that came to celebrate at GFMC this weekend.

How Trust Grows

Wrapping up the series Choose Joy, Pastor Jon brings the hope that is found in Jesus, and how our trust grows though Him.

We Really Do Need Each Other

Is it important that I go to church? What about spending time with other believers? Dive into Pastor Jon’s message about the importance of being, and worshiping, together.

February 2016

Philippians 3 Continued

Join Pastor Jon as he continues our study of Philippians 3 with this relevant message about Jesus.

January 2016

Shine Like Stars

Being Like Minded


A Fresh Perspective

August 2015

Go! GFMC Missions

God of All Things Good

June 2015


April 2015


March 2015

Running the Race of Life

September 2014


June 2015

God Desires to Speak With You

May 2015

What Does Love Require?

March 2015

How Many Times Jesus?

Come All! Come Now!

February 2015

Where are you God?

December 2014

Church Let’s Get Real!

November 2014

What Does God Really Want From You?

October 2014

Own It!

August 2014

Chosing the Better Thing

June 2014

Life Turned Upside Down

March 2015

Jehovah Jireh

January 2015

A Fresh Start in Christ

December 2014

Blessing Your Enemies

Created for a Purpose

November 2014

A Sober Self Assessment

The Heart of Our Father


Coming Back

October 2014

People of Prayer

The Future of GFMC

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