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June 2019

Who Do You Serve?


Private Faith in a Public Forum

June 9, 2019

What Must I DO To Be Saved?

May 2019

Matters of the Heart

The Law & Righteousness…

You Are…

Blessed Are…

April 2019

The Great Commission

He is Risen! Go and Tell.

June 2019

Who Do You Serve?


Private Faith in a Public Forum

June 9, 2019

What Must I DO To Be Saved?

May 2019

Matters of the Heart

The Law & Righteousness…

You Are…

Blessed Are…

April 2019

The Great Commission

He is Risen! Go and Tell.


GFMC Newsletter

March 22, 2020

With the continuing restrictions regarding public gatherings, I wanted to give you an update on the weekend worship services and the weekly schedule here at GFMC.

This weekend, March 21st and 22nd, we are going to have one worship service on Sunday at 9 am. We will not meet physically at GFMC. Rather, we will stream the service live on Facebook. We will pray, sing, and receive from the Word of God. I will also provide information as to how we can give our tithe and offerings.

If you are able, join us this Sunday at 9 am on our FB page. If you are not able to join us live, the service will be uploaded on our FB page as soon as the service is completed. You can access the gathering by searching “Gowanda Free Methodist Church” and selecting the FB page link (it is the second search option on Google). From there you can watch the recorded service without having a FB account.

All weekly events, meetings, and groups that meet on the GFMC campus are postponed until further notice. At this time, the office will remain open. However, I ask that, if you need to set up a meeting to talk or for counseling, please call the office to schedule a meeting rather than “stopping by to see what is going on.” Please reach out if you have any questions. Be watching for more updates as they become relevant.

I also want each of us to think of the worship gathering we normally participate in. Close your eyes. Look around you. Who in that gathering might not have access to this email? Reach out to them. Help them engage in this weekend’s worship. Let’s be the Body of Christ for one another.

This is an interesting time. Remember that we are people of Faith, not fear. God is not surprised or challenged by anything that happens in the world. Let us live in the Holy Spirit who gives us Power, Love, and a Sound Mind.  Let’s look for ways to let our light shine before those around us so that they may worship our Father in Heaven. To Him Be Glory.

Finally, let me leave you with some words from the Apostle Paul: “Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. The Lord be with you.”

I Love You.

In Christ,

Pastor Simon



*You can still give tithes via our website: https://www.gowandafmc.org/  using

E-Give https://www.gowandafmc.org/e-give/

or you can mail your tithes to, GFMC, 149 W. Main St, Gowanda 14070

*We will not be taking donations for Easter flowers this year as we do not know how long we will all be practicing social distancing.   

*Love Inc’s Cabin Fever Walk has been postponed until April. Further details to follow.

*We will still be taking prayer request.  You can call the church office at 5332-5441 or email gfmcoffice@gmail.com requests at your convenience.


Please practice healthy habits and remember we are a people of faith not fear.


March 2018

How to Be Religious and Miss God – Luke 13:10~17, Luke 14:1~11

The hunger for God is universal – – but it often detours into religiosity.  That was true for the Pharisees in Jesus time.  It can also be true today.
We can be very religious but miss God if we…
1. Value processes over people.
(Luke 13:10~14)
2. Value possessions o

Out of the Boat – Matthew 14:22~33

Peter’s “out of the boat” experience has often baffled and perhaps amused us.  What eternal truth is God trying to communicate in this account?  We can discover it.  Let’s notice where Peter was and answer two questions. He was…
– On an exhilarating pilgramage with the Lord.
– In a cosmic spiritual battle

February 2018

Healing For You – Mark 7:31~37

Mark alone records this fascinating healing of a man with a speech impediment who also could not hear.  How fortunate Mark did not leave it out!  Here we see illustrated four great principles of healing – healing for you.
1. Healing always demands that God Go out of His way.  (Mark 7:31)
2. Healing always involves other 

Touched by Life – Mark 10:13~27

Jesus brings eternal life.  In today’s Scripture, Mark uses two experiences to illustrate three great truths about eternal life…

1. Every human being is infinitely VALUABLE 
… even the weakest of the weak
(Mk 10:13~16)
2. Every human being is deeply FLAWED 

The Servant Who Leads – Matthew 20:20~34

Christ redefined and modeled greatness and therefore, leadership. He was a servant who led, and leader who served. Not surprisingly his disciples had a very difficult time understanding this concept.

Two kinds of blindness

   1. Spiritual blindness (Mt 20:26)
   2. Physical

January 2018

Deep Soul Therapy – Matthew 17:1~13

Christ’s disciples struggled to understand His person and mission.  How hard it was for them to comprehend.  Here He expands their understanding and commitment through…

1. The Vision of Christ’s Glory (Mt 17:1~6)
   + The Exaltation of Christ 
   + The

The Gift of Faith – Matthew 9:18~31 (NIV)

How do we receive The Gift of Faith that opens the door to God’s miracles?  Those who were healed experienced… 

1. Desperate NEED in spite of inadequate MOTIVES.
(Matthew 9:18~19, 23~26 – the Ruler)

2. Determined RISK in spite of inadequate FAITH.
(Matthew 9:20~22 – The Woman)

The Jesus I Never Knew – Matthew 7:28 ~ 8:13 (NIV)

Pastor Art Brown begins a new sermon series based on the New Testament accounts where we see Jesus touching a person – their lives were never again the same.  How can we know Jesus so well that we experience His healing touch?  How can we share this touch with other?  
– Reflect on His words and actions 
– Reflect on His power to l

Living As Jesus Lived – Matthew 9:35~38

October 2016

Getting through The Tough Stuff of Life – Death

Pastor Jon gives us a comforting message about death. Many people are fascinated with death – likely because of their fear of it.  While it is true that most all of us will certainly face death, Christians know that there is nothing to fear in
death. Death is not the end, but instead – the beginning. The beginning of an eternity… in the presence of God.

Getting through The Tough Stuff of Life – Doubt

Pastor Jon Horton gives us a message about doubt. Doubt is something that we all experience from time to time, and while doubt can protect us from harm in some instances – doubting Christ’s love is something we would be best to work to overcome.

We need to be honest about our doubts and have the faith and courage to ask Jesus to help us to conquer any doubts that we have about Him. Simply put, you cannot fully trust someone that you do not know. By developing a relationship with Jesus – we are transformed, knowing that He loves us and we can trust Him in all things.

Getting through The Tough Stuff of Life – Shame

Pastor Jon Horton gives us a message about shame.  Many people associate shame with guilt, and while this could be accurate – shame is different in that a person can feel shame… even though they’ve done nothing wrong.  Guilt makes you feel bad about what you’ve done.  Shame is worse – because it makes you feel bad about ‘who you are’.

September 2016

Know God

Pastor Jon Horton gives a message about relationships and the different stages that they go through – progressing eventually to a mutual commitment and then the intimate bonding that occurs long afterwards.  God loves us…  all of us.  And He desires to have a relationship with each of us.  Pastor Jon describes what this relationship looks like – and more importantly – the reasons why we should pursue it.

A Fresh Start

Pastor Jon Horton gives us a message about starting over, and how God is available to us – to help and bless our efforts and obedience – when we approach Him with a sincerely desire to do better.

July 2016

Overcoming Opposition

Pastor Jon Horton gives a message about the opposition that Nehemiah faces as he begins the task of restoring the walls to the city Jerusalem.  When we plan for this opposition – we are better prepared to overcome it.

A burden shared

Each one of us has a responsibility to set up and be an active part of making the local church, the hope of the world, relevant and impactful in our community.  Rebuilding the wall under Nehemiah’s direction was a project everyone had to help out with, and you are needed to help rebuild the community around you today. Listen to learn more about how you needed, to make a difference!

It begins on our knees

It begins on our knees. Nehemiah knew that He needed God’s divine intervention, and he went to Him for the help he would need to convince the king to let him return to the land of his forefathers. Listen in, as Pastor Jon teaches a lesson from the construction site. 

If not us, who? If not now, when?

Pastor Jon begins a new sermon series, focused on the book of Nehemiah. This message, entitled “If not us, who? If not now, when?”, helps us to understand how Nehemiah’s heart for the broken wall of the Promise Land relates to us today. Listen in…

June 2016

What It Means To Be A Man

Pastor Jon wraps up the Family Portrait sermon series with a look at what it means to be a real man of God. Take a listen…
Closing Worship Song: How Can It Be.  CCLI, All Rights Reserved.

November 2016

Getting through The Tough Stuff of Life – Inadequacy

Pastor Tim gives a message about – Inadequacy – something that everyone will experience. Inadequacy is a personal struggle born of one’s own self judgement – when you compare yourself to others.

The reality is that all of us are inadequate – and yet adequate for God’s purposes – each of us being fearfully and wonderfully made… by God.

Getting through The Tough Stuff of Life – Temptation

Pastor Tim McKeever gives a message about something we all face – temptation. Pastor Tim tells us how to stand up against it – by recognizing it, being accountable and not facing it alone, and knowing the scriptures.  God’s word promises us that we will always be provided a way out of sin.  Our task is to humbly choose God’s way vs. pridefully – our own way.

October 2016

Getting through The Tough Stuff of Life – Divorce

Jesus can help us get through the Tough Stuff of Life… even when the situation seems impossible.  Pastor Tim McKeever gives a message on the realities divorce – the destruction it causes, and why God hates it.  So many have been exposed to divorce, either directly or indirectly.  Sadly this topic is too well known by both believers and not.  We all need to help each other, and know that there is always hope for healing and restoration through Jesus Christ. 

September 2016

Go in Service

Kathy Stonefoot gives her testimony about her relationship with Jesus on her Healing Journey and how it blossomed when she came to understand that her focus should be developing a genuine – unconditional – love for Jesus.

Pastor Tim supports her testimony with a message about what the Bible says about – GOING – and being the light to a broken world.

June 2016

An honest conversation about the state of the Church

In a no-holding-back message, Pastor Tim brings a powerful word from the Lord about how we are at a critical point as a church, and the decisions we make today will determine our tomorrow.  
DUE TO AN AV ISSUE, the message was only recorded on Tim’s personal FB page, which you can watch here: https://www.facebook.com/timmckeeverdj/videos/vb.1083379459/10207952104855490/?type=2&theater  No recorded audio is available. CLICK THE VIDEO LINK!

February 2016

Peace in an Anxious World.


Pastor Tim opens up and challenges us to take a look at the gentleness of our character, our response to the chaos and anxiety of this world, and what it means to have perfect peace.

Attitudes of our Hearts

Pastor Tim brings us into Chapter 3 of the book of Philippians in our “Choose Joy” series, sharing some strong insight from quite possibly one of the most religious men ever.

December 2015

The Healing Journey

Spend Less, Give More

October 2015

The Whole Gospel

December 2015

Worship Fully

November 2015

Becoming An Apprentice

October 2015

Inviting People Into God’s Story

Living in Responsible Faith

Me vs We

September 2015

The Posture of God

Being Missional

August 2015

Passionate Desperate Faith

Our Life His Life

A Little Bit Goes a Long Way

November 2015

Pastor Jeff’s Farewell Message

Pastor Jeff returns from his sabbatical to share where he is at and what the future holds for GFMC.

July 2015

Faithful in Finances

Counter Cultural

June 2015

Casting Vision

May 2015

Praying in the Gap

The Disciple’s Prayer

Redefining Terms

April 2015

Let It Go!

He is Risen – Easter Sunday 2015

March 2015

What Worship Looks Like

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