Welcome to Gowanda Free Methodist Church!
Here, we are committed to developing and growing as a community of Christ-followers who are dedicated to loving God and loving each other. 
Our mission is quite simple: Know God, Grow in Faith, Go in Service.
Click HERE to learn more about GFMC’s ministries. If you feel God’s leading you to start a new ministry, have questions about an existing one, or would like more information about GFMC and its ministries, please click HERE to contact us, or call our church office at 716-532-5441.
The only thing we ask is that you be you and wear what makes you feel comfortable. The only thing that should make you feel uncomfortable here is the moving of the Holy Spirit!
 Jeans? Sure!
Shorts? Sounds Good!
Suit? If you must… ­čÖé
Bell-bottoms or your fav
 Metallica t-shirt from 1984?
Well, maybe there is a
dress code…. lol
Currently GFMC offers three parking lots: North, Main and South lots. Parking is at a premium in the Main lot after 8:45am. Our Parking Lot Team will help assist you in finding the best spot for you and your family to park. The North Lot is accessible via W. Main or Aldrich Streets. There is a dedicated entrance and exit for the Main lot.
Families with young children are encouraged to park in the North or Main lot, as the South Lot requires crossing the road. 
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At GFMC, we are very intentional about investing into your kids with fun, wholesome, Christian-interactive activities. 
Families are a top priority, and that is why we spend so much time pouring into the kids at GFMC with our Youth, Teens, Children’s and Nursery Ministries.
See below the many aspects of ministry at GFMC, specifically for your kids!
We are very intentional about how we invest in your kids. Orange is the curriculum that we use for engaging your kids with relevant, biblical truth for their lives. It’s a program that is designed to specifically follow them from 3 to 18. 
Orange, XP3, and our other youth-oriented programs are offered – during the school year – 10:30am following the 9am service.
Visit our Welcome Center to learn more information!
The kids love it!
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At GFMC, we believe that the discipleship model taught in Acts 2 is the best way to cultivate a culture of discipleship-making. That’s why we believe that every church attender should be plugged into a small group, or home group, where you learn to live life together, combining resources to do this thing called “life.” 
If you are interested in learning more about getting plugged into a small group, please let us know – fill out a connection card in church! There are over a dozen small groups that meet throughout the week, and there’s a place for you to Know God, Grow in Faith, and Go in Service!