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B.T. Roberts
The Gowanda Free Methodist Church got its beginning in 1860 when Titus Roberts was appointed its first Pastor.  The Free Methodist Church got its beginnings from the concerns that Benjamin Titus (B.T.) Roberts had as a pastor in the Methodist Episcopal Church.  Along with other clergy and laypeople, Roberts was concerned about the direction the church was headed and sought to bring change to the church.  Being unable to get their concerns addressed, this group formed the Free Methodist Church in 1860.  The first FM church is still actively engaged in life-changing ministry in Albion, N.Y.  Interestingly, B.T. Roberts grew up right here in Gowanda, in a house that once existed where our church parking lot is now (to the west of the church building.)Where does the “Free” come from?  It comes from the 5 freedoms that formed the guiding principles of the new Free Methodist Church:

  • Freedom to worship as the Holy Spirit leads
  • Freedom from slavery of all kinds
  • Freedom from participation in secret societies
  • Freedom from having to pay for the right to a pew
  • Freedom from sin