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Our Mission:  Know God, Grow in Faith, Go in Service. Our Vision:  We want to help people become disciples, or followers, of Jesus Christ.  To that end, we focus on six characteristics of those who follow Jesus:

  • Walking with God in consistent contact through prayer, fasting, Bible reading, worship, fellowship, communion, and giving.
  • Christ-Like Character evidenced by a transformed lifestyle demonstrating the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23).
  • Integrity as seen in one whose words, actions and attitudes are consistent with biblical convictions.
  • Love of Others which is a direct result of knowing and experiencing God’s love.
  • Servant Mindedness demonstrated in the way we reach out to family, neighbors and church to share our gifts, talents and resources.
  • Friendship to Sinners as we seek to connect people to Jesus Christ who alone can change a life.

Our Values:

  • Prayer as the foundation of everything we do.
  • The Bible as God’s Word, and our standard.
  • Worship that honors God and energizes believers.
  • Every person as unique and useful to God’s work.
  • Effective care giving.
  • Helping people find abundant life in Christ.
  • Evidence of Christ’s work among us.
  • Guidance from the Holy Spirit and the use of Spiritual gifts to further God’s work.
  • Training individuals to become fully devoted disciples who share Christ’s love with others.


What we believe:

Please download our full doctrinal statement.