Grow in Faith by…


Attending a 2:42 group or small group

We have classes for adults, teens, and children. We also have men’s, women’s, and mixed groups. If you want to know more about these, talk to a pastor or someone at the Information Center. Attending a class is a great way to meet people and keep growing.


Becoming an informed Christian

Check out the resources in our library. We have books, tapes, and DVDs you can borrow. From time to time we also have groups that meet to discuss specific topics like grief or the book of Revelation.


Committing to financially support our church’s ministry

When we make a financial commitment to support the work of the church, we’re saying we believe in God and what our church is doing. It also confirms that we recognize that all we have comes from God and belongs to him, and that we trust him to provide for our needs. Giving really is a way to grow in faith.