Go in Service through…

  Acting on the prompting of the Holy Spirit As you pray, listen to what God is telling you about where you might serve Him. We are all called to serve somewhere. It might be in the nursery, parking lot, making coffee, cleaning, or any number of places. It might be in the church, your community, or in your neighborhood. Let God lead you to the place he has prepared and gifted you for.  
Becoming engaged in a ministry We have many ministries here at the church where someone like you could get involved. Everyone has a gift to share, and when we share that gift with others we feel better about ourselves and help others too. If you don’t know where to serve but wish to, chat with us this weekend, stop in during normal hours, shoot us an email or give us a buzz…or text!  
Creating a new ministry Maybe you have an idea for a ministry that we don’t have right now. Great! Some of the best ministries come about when people discover a passion for something and get to act on that.
If you have an idea contact us and we’ll help you figure out how to get started.